UK Centric IT Security Law and Practise with focus on Incident Handling and Forensics.

IT Security technology is globally quite consistent but the practise and associated laws are not therefore it makes sense to have a localised approach. On this page is information to inform a UK specific approach to IT Security. It should be noted that Scottish Law has an independant tradition from England and Wales as exemplified by the links below.

Websites about Cybercrime with UK information.

Elaw links and information.

Journal of Information Law and Technology.

UK Based Solicitors specialising in Computer Law.

Human rights oriented cybercrime site.

Basic introduction to Law in UK

UK Law society

UK Laws specific to IT Security

  Computer Misuse Act 1990
Data Protection Act 1998
Obscene Publications Act 1959
Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 (RIPA)

Delia Venables general UK law links

UK and Scottish specific Computer Law site -excellent.

General Law links

Global and US sites

International solicitors